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City Chats are virtual forums in which residents can talk with each other about timely and relevant topics in local government.

We often draw on the knowledge of local experts to support and participate in these conversations.

We always share useful links, visual aids, and other resources that empower individuals to engage outside of our events.

City Chats have been virtual since their inception, to increase accessibility and safety during COVID.

With their growing popularity, we hope to start offering some in-person options over the next year.


Q&A on ARPA Request Process, Sunday, March 19, 2023

Watch Councilor Vincent Piccirilli, Chair of the Budget and Fiscal Oversight Committee, explain and then field questions on the City's ARPA proposal process. Review the slides

ARPA Opportunities in Watertown, Sunday, January 22, 2023

Revising Watertown's Comprehensive Plan, Sunday Oct 23, 2022 

  • An attendee-driven Q&A and conversation with 3 experts from the Planning Advisory Committee and the Community Development & Planning Dept. 

  • Learn more here about the Watertown Comprehensive Planning process.

  • Guests: Councilor John Airasian, City Planner Gideon Schreiber, and PAC member Dan D'Amico

Towards a Human Rights Commission, June 12, 2022​​​​

  • What HRC's do and how they work

  • Efforts to develop an HRC to meet Watertown's needs 

  • How Watertown develops and approves ordinances

  • The ordinance development process for the HRC 

  • Guests: Councilors Caroline Bays, John Gannon, and human rights advocate Xin Peng

City Chats: What We Do
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